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I don't like to post fandom stuff to my main art blog, so if you have any fandom asks to send me, please send them here!

(But please don't send me art requests!)


ho hum still trying to figure out how I want to draw them


Narcissa and Bellatrix for aruoek


Narcissa and Bellatrix for aruoek

Birthday present for the lovely and wonderfully talented birdsofshore!
(I was very nervous the entire time I was drawing this.)

Birthday present for the lovely and wonderfully talented birdsofshore!

(I was very nervous the entire time I was drawing this.)

❝ Anonymous asked: hey! i went to the instagram acc and saw that they took down the pic already, so i'm just *reporting* to you that.

Oh, that’s great! Thank you again for taking the time to let me know, I really appreciate it! <3

❝ Anonymous asked: hi lovely artist! i've seen your artwork (the one where draco is denying that he is staring at harry to blaise) on drarryfeels on instagram and i was wondering if you gave permission, since your <trademark? I don't know sorry> was cut in half.

Aw man no I didn’t :\ I don’t mind people reposting/sharing my work as long as they credit me (and that definitely includes not tampering with/removing my signature from my work), so the fact that it was reposted without my signature fully visible is kinda upsetting to me.

I don’t have an Instagram so I can’t contact them, but if it’s not too much trouble for you, could I ask a favor from you that you shoot them a message and ask them to either add credit or take down the images?

I really like being able to share my work with the fandom community, and maybe this is just the inevitable consequence of posting fanart online, but it’d be nice if people could show me a little bit of… I guess, respect? as the creator of those images. :c

Thanks for taking the time out to let me know about this though, anon, I really appreciate it!

❝ Anonymous asked: Hi there, no questions, but I just wanted you to know that I adore your Draco/Harry art. Especially the one with the Snitch, every time I open it, it fills me with glee, and making me feel giddy when I'm near the last panel, like a Christmas gift I'm almost ready to unwrap. The last panel never fails to make me laugh out loud. Your Draco in the last panel is SO adorable, I want to laugh at him and cuddle him senseless at the same time. Please keep up the good work!

Whoa whoa whoa YOU’RE SO SWEET ANON, I am blushing up a serious storm over here!!! (〃・・〃)

It really makes me so happy that anyone could enjoy something I made that much, so really, thank you ;______;

(Secretly though I can’t look at the snitch one anymore because that was my first Drarry comic and I was still figuring out how to draw the two of them, so whenever I pull it up now all I think about is how wrong both Harry and Draco look hahahaha)

❝ Anonymous asked: Why are all your drawing so good!? I love the Drarry and especially the Remus/Sirius and the Hermione and Pansy and just EVERYTHING! 😘😘😘😍😍😍

G-GOSH WHAT A SWEET MESSAGE ANON <3 It makes me so happy that you enjoy my work so much!!

❝ Anonymous asked: just so you know, i really like your Remus/ Sirius drawings as well! <3

Ahhh gosh thank you! That’s so kind of you to say!! <3

autumn kisses for thethaumas

autumn kisses for thethaumas

❝ gh0ulesque asked: Who is your favorite ship that you like to draw?

OHOHOHO WHAT A FUN QUESTION TO ANSWER. Drarry will probably always be my favorite longterm ship because it’s the first ship I’ve ever really gotten into, to the point where I couldn’t resist doing fanart anymore (and I reaaaallly tried to resist doing fanart (´ー`)).

And because of how into Drarry I am, I also like Albus Severus/Scorpius because I think of them as Drarry 2.0 (a clean slate Drarry without the history that you can fuck with however you want, and it doesn’t even mess with canon!)

ALL THAT HAVING BEING SAID, I’m actually on a huge Remus/Sirius kick right now where really that’s the only thing I want to draw all day every day, because I have so many dumb ideas for comics for them and goofy marauder humor is just so up my alley.

(but then I start feeling guilty because this blog was built on the premise of being a Drarry fanart blog, so I get worried no one actually wants to see me post R/S, AS/S, or whatever other non-HP ships I (eventually) get into)